Safe Seller Financing

Tips for Structuring Seller Carry Back Notes

for Top Dollar Pricing and For Maximum Safety

In an effort to stand out from the crowd, sellers are turning to owner financing. By accepting payment over time from the buyer, the seller provides an alternative to bank financing. Read more below.

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From Structuring Notes for Top Dollar Pricing and for Maximum Safety, to avoiding the Big Three Owner Financing mistakes … this free report will walk you through the ways sellers can attract more buyers and get a better sales price.

In this free report you’ll learn…

  • The top 7 tips of how take back a note or mortgage without being taken advantage of
  • Ways to avoid the Big Three Owner Financing Mistakes!
  • Avoiding Balloon Mortgage pitfalls
  • Powerful Owner Financing Terms to use when advertising your property for sale
  • Includes our Safe Seller Financing Checklist of things to do before you close!
  • Items that need to be in your Seller Carry Back Note to protect yourself and ensure m
  • Instructions to send to your title agent / closing agent prior to closing
  • … and more

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