We Buy Business Notes!

We are not a lender. What we do is provide supplemental cash through the liquidation of existing seller financed business notes.
You can receive short term capital TODAY, while retaining monthly income in the future.

If the monthly payments from your seller financed business sales didn’t satisfy your cash requirements, we can provide the short term capital you need without creating any additional debt service.

Here is what we are looking for: Typical Business Notes Buying Criteria

Down Payment


Lien Position




Min: 20% Preferred: 25%-30%
(or more)

The larger the down payment the better buy price for your note.
Cannot be borrowed against the business.
No seller seconds.

Personal Guarantee Required

1st Position

No Minimum FICO score
Looking at the payor’s payment history.
Are they paying their creditors on time?
No major derogatory trade lines.
No decline in credit since purchase of business

Prefer 72 Months Or Less
We will buy up to 72 months.

Prefer No Balloons.
If a Balloon is needed, not less than 5-7 years out.

We will buy up to, but NOT including the balloon.
Have to consider: How will that balloon be paid off?


⠀⠀Cash Flow




Closed & 1 Payment Made
Preferred: 12 months payments (on time)

Business generates positive cash flow
1.25 debt service coverage ratio preferred

Looking for some relevant experience in the business industry.
Not strictly required.

Prefer that business has been running at its present location for 1-2 years.
Not strictly required.

Seller business tax returns and P&L statements.
Not needed up front when submitting worksheet.
Will need to speak with the Payor indicating buyer is satisfied with business and comfortable making the payments.

At your request we’ll provide:

  • A free, no obligation evaluation of your business note within 1-2 business days
  • A program tailored to the penny, providing exactly the amount of cash you need now.
  • A no cost transaction paid for by our company

Download your Business Note Worksheet here

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot us an email through our contact page (or set up a time to ‘chat‘ with us).